Teaching Kids to Love God


MLC Kids is the Children’s Ministry at Mountain Lake Church. Through our community of volunteers, families, and children (birth through 5th grade), we make church a fun, welcoming place that celebrates every child and the person God created them to be.

What happens during a service in MLC Kids

Each week in MLC Kids we model God’s love to children, teach them a biblically-based and age-appropriate lesson, and equip parents to continue the learning at home through Christian parenting resources. And we laugh. And sing. And dance. A lot.

You’re not following anyone if you aren’t following us!

To address the developmental needs of children, we offer various learning environments:


Birth-1 Year Old Classroom

For the youngest in our care, we show God’s love with smiles, snuggles, and lots of rocking. After all, babies first experience God’s love through the actions of a caring adult. We also pray over the children—and their parents—each week.

Kids Theatre

One, Two, and Three Year Old Classrooms


At this age, children love to practice developing gross motor skills and emerging social-emotional skills. So, we intentionally engage toddlers in biblical lessons using music, movement, active listening, storytime, and an ideal mix of learning through play.

MLC Kids

4 and 5 year olds (Preschool)


We tap into preschoolers’ natural curiosity and creativity through energetic songs, innovative Bible stories, and hands-on activities that help children experience God’s love for them and others. Plus, preschoolers learn how to apply those biblically-based lessons at home, at school, and everywhere in between.

K 3rd Grade

Early Elementary School
(K-3rd grade)


Children participate in an action-packed service that incorporates a large group worship time and Bible story with relationship-building small groups. In large group, children worship together in the K3 Theater, play games, and hear the Bible story told by live storytellers. Afterwards, children move into grade-based small groups to dive deeper into the story and gain ideas on living out the main theme in their everyday routines.

Baptism Kids

Upper Elementary School (4th & 5th grade)


This environment provides 9, 10, and 11 year olds with practical Christ-centered tools to prepare them for Middle School. (Yes, parents…it’s coming!) Through a mixture of worship and large and small groups, children learn more about God, understand who He created them to be, their role in the church, and how to live as an example to others in the world.

Special Needs - MLC

Children With Special Needs


Designed especially for children with special needs, our sensory room provides a safe and welcoming place for children with special needs. Our staff and volunteers work hand-in-hand with parents to create a personalized environment to best fit the needs of each child.

Living Room 4 - MLC

Living Room 4 for Nursing Moms


Located to the right of the Café, Living Room 4 offers nursing moms a quiet place to care for their little ones if needed. The Adult Worship can be viewed via a live feed in Living Room 4.

Plan Your Visit / First Time Guest Check In


Upon arrival to Mountain Lake Church, turn on your car hazard lights to notify the parking and security team that you have children you plan to check in. They will direct you to park near the entrance closest to the MLC Kids check in desk. Upon your first visit to Mountain Lake Church, please provide the following information when checking in your children: parent/legal guardian names, child’s name and birthdate, address, cell phone number and provider, email address, and any special instructions (allergies or special needs). We take your child’s security serious. Upon checking in, we will provide you a security tag for each child. You must show a matching security tag to pick up your child.

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