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Momentum Summer Camp Video
MLC Students Momentum Camp

MLC STUDENTS is the student ministry of Mountain Lake Church. We are all about having a fun and safe place to build upon your relationship with Christ and learn more about Him, while becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.


We accomplish this by having 3 separate environments for our students to get plugged in.


Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings we host middle school services at The Venue during our 9am & 10:30am adult services. These services involve a live band and live teaching for your middle schoolers with a time for them to meet with their squads to wrap up their service.

MLS Party

Sunday Nights

On Sunday nights we meet in host homes with our high schoolers – this enables them to bring their friends, take extra time to dig deep in their faith, and be a part of a community of teenagers (their squad) who care about what is going on their lives and help them work through it all.

The Part on Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday Nights we host student services @ The Venue for both Middle and High schoolers – 6:30pm-7:30pm is for middle school, 7:30pm-8:30pm is for high school. We sell pizza and drinks for $1 each, doors open at 6pm.

All of these environments are based upon the time and energy of the leaders who serve with us! We couldn’t offer nearly this much opportunity for students to get plugged in if it wasn’t for our volunteers. Please email students@mountainlake.church if you want to get involved in the student ministry!

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At The Venue


Middle School: 6:30pm

High School: 7:30pm



Middle School: (@ The Venue) 9:00AM / 10:30AM

High School:  (@ Host Homes) 6:00pm – 8:00pm

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